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Fight Club is where those that want a little extra sparring can come and spar with different people and grades to further their develop and sharpen up for upcoming competitions. 

The aim is to run a Fight Club session once a month where we put on an additional session which is a pay on the door service and open to all TAGB members of other clubs as long as they have valid in date insurance. 

This is a controlled environment where the emphasis is solely on fitness and sparring, where students can try new techniques and develop existing ones.


It is informal with no suits or belts just come along in suitable clothing, bring plenty of water, an expectation to work hard and listen to some banging tunes as we spar. 

It is open to all ages, grades and abilities, there is no need to be concerned that you're not good enough, you only get better by sparring better people. Higher grades and abilities always control their techniques when sparring someone of lesser ability and actively bring on and develop lower grade students providing encouragement and advice. 

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